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Rhodesian Ridgebacks came to my life when I became friends with a woman from South Africa. At the time we both lived in Southern California. We met at a horse boarding stable in 1985 and since we shared a passion for horses and dogs our friendship grew. 

She introduced me to the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed, a native dog of her country. After her return to South Africa in 1991 our friendship continued. Five years later, in 1996, I purchased my first Rhodesian Ridgeback named "Kenya" in California. She was a wonderful dog and a great companion. "Kenya" was a pet but a very special dog that really made me fall in love with the breed. In 2001 I got a second RR named" Crestridge Knysna".  At that time I lived in Trinity County, California, and even though "Crestridge Knysna" was a show potential, living in the mountains made it difficult to show her. After moving to Amador County, California, my South African friend encouraged me to consider getting an RR from it's original home continent. I searched several kennels in Africa and found the Heshima-Ya-Kimba kennel in South Africa. We developed a great relationship that continues until present day. In 2006 I imported my first full African blooded RR name “Shangani”. He became a Grand Champion and was named the no. 9 Rhodesian Ridgeback in the United States in 2009. By this point I knew that RR were here to stay. I absolutely love these dogs and will always share my life with these majestic animals


Image: Summer at Savanna Ridgebacks

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